Keep search while removing the quick launch on modern SharePoint

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Hi my fellow SharePoint enthusiast,


In SharePoint modern team site I'm looking into disabling the quick launch, but figured out that the Search bar also disappears then. Do you know of any way to keep the Search without keeping the quick launch? My first thought was I would then just add a Search web part - but there's no Search web part... Hope you can help here:).

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@MarianneMD Microsoft is working toward moving the search bar into the Office 365 top bar. I'm a first release user and this shows for me. I'm not sure when this will show on a current release user, but it is coming soon!


search.PNGMore info here:


I know this doesn't answer your question in the short term, just hoping to shed some light on what is coming. 

Thank you that looks great - I remember they showed that at the NA conference in May. I'll see if I can see when it's coming. :)
Thanks Kimberly, that might be a solution to look into:).