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Is there a way to stretch the Notes field across all columns in its own Notes section?

Currently it can only stretch across the 1st column in the JSON body.


Notes Field Stretch.png



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As alternate option, is there a way to add a field to the footer and stretch it across the entire width and scale the height a little taller?

@Baybrown why not use a Power Apps customised form? You can then lay it out however you want.


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Helo Rob, I was trying to not go down that path since the JSON formatting is quite responsive and fluid and only a couple of our SP lists will require that level of complexity beyond the JSON Header, Body formatting. I was trying to keep it uniform but looks like I have to go down the PowerApps route.
We are using the Multi rich text comments with Append which are a bit more complex to do in PA.

@Baybrown Looks like currently it is not possible using JSON form customizations. Customizing body using JSON only allows defining one or more sections and adding one or more columns into each of those sections.


Configuring form body will switch your list or library form layout from single-column to a multi-column layout. We will add support for configuring the body with single-column layout in a future update.


SourceConfigure custom body with one or more sections 

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