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I found in documentation that "background-image" is supported attribute but I am not able to use it. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Could you help please, how to use "background-image" within JSON code?

"elmType": "div",
"style": {
"text-align": "left",
"background-image": "url('https://test.sharepoint.com/sites/TEST/SiteAssets/company_logo.png')"

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@Miroslav Novák, I'm running into the same issue. If I find something I'll repost link here.

@Miroslav Novák @mLantz 


This is by design and expected behavior while using SharePoint JSON formatting. Currently style properties cannot have any of the following characters: ( : & ; !


You can find more details about this issue in JSON formatting at: JSON SharePoint list view - background-image does not work 

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