JSON List view format doesn't load all items

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I have the problem that the list does only load 30 items, but the list has more than that about 50 or something items. If I scroll to the end to the 30th item in the list the rest wont show up, unless i scroll scroll my mouse down going up and down with my middle mouse button then it shows the rest of the missing list items

also noticed when i inspect the page with chrome tool it refresh the list and shows the missing list items



json code am using: https://github.com/pnp/sp-dev-list-formatting/blob/master/view-samples/contact-card-format/contact-c...



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@warsongg0000 I am experiencing the same issues with a JSON formatted list.  Only shows 30 profile cards, when there is a total of 72 records.


Following this thread for a fix.