JSON formatting preload all items

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Is there a way for SharePoint to load all items? I have a contact list of less than 200 and using the JSON formatting from this github
List-Formatting/view-samples/content-navigator at master · pnp/List-Formatting · GitHub

My contact list has Subject Area, Contact Person (email, phone#, job title, etc.), Notes, and General mailbox information. 

Basically, I followed the above sample JSON and created 2 views:
#1 - only displays the Subject Areas
#2 - displays the rest of the contact details

On a page, I added 2 web parts to call each list view.  It works well but only up to a certain item.  Once I scrolled down on webpart #1, clicking an item no longer updates the information on webpart #2. Even after increasing the item limit on each view. 

Below is similar to what I want to create, on the left is a list of subject areas, click an item will display the contact details (JSON formatting) on the right. 

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