JSON column formatting extract first and last name from @me

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Can we extract other information from @me?  For example, rather than getting the email address, I'd like to only display the First and/or Last names. I tried @me.givenname and others but didn't work. 


"elmType": "button",
          "customRowAction": {
            "action": "setValue",
            "actionInput": {
              "Status": "=if([$Counter] == 1, 'Approved by ' + @me, [$Status])",



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This is the best I can find to extract first and last name, hopefully all email addresses have the same convention. 
Formatting syntax reference | Microsoft Docs


replace(substring(@me, 0, indexOf(@me, '@')), '.', ' ')



@SSantos "@me" will evaluate only to the email address of the current logged in user and you cannot extract display name (first/last name) from this directly like other people fields.


For other people fields, you can use below properties (sample data): 



  "id": "122",
  "title": "Kalya Tucker",
  "email": "email address removed for privacy reasons",
  "sip": "email address removed for privacy reasons",
  "picture": "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/kaylat_contoso_com_MThumb.jpg?t=63576928822",
  "department":"Human Resources",
  "jobTitle":"HR Manager"



where "title" returns the display name of people field.

So, to get the display name of current user, you have to use the expression like you are using.

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