Job titles not updating in SharePoint People web part

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I have an issue that feels similar to Office 365 Profile picture not displayed however job titles aren't being updated.


Browsing to /_catalogs/users/detail.aspx on the site collection shows the correct details for the user, and if I add the user again to the same webpart, the correct details are shown - so I can have the same user with correct details, and without.


Has anyone else come across this and have a fix other than editing the web parts that are scattered throughout our SPO tenancy?


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@Rob D 

Hi Rob, I had the same problem where it updated in Azure AD and all over apps online but not in Outlook or Teams Web App.


Have a look at this link


@Yazo97 That link is broken.  Getting a 404 error.  Can you repost the fix?

Would like to see link as well.. we are having the same issue
@Yazo97, I'm also looking to solve the same issue - Can you repost the fix?
I have the same problem. I think there is no "Out of the box" way for a solution.
I think the webpart stores the user details (like job title) as json in the site and there is not automatic update.

Any ideas so solve this problem without coding?
Been having this problem for some time as well. You would think Microsoft would get this updated.
Same issue here
Would be appreciated if this can be solved!
I have the same issue, I will put in Microsoft Support Ticket and advise on my findings..
Was told there is an Active Directory to SharePoint sync job that needs to run and takes a while. Was hoping I could find out if weekly/monthly timer job, but they weren't sure, but they did say it was a known issue and many of the MS Engineers knew about this, I will give it a few days. Did any of you guys have any resolution to this besides editing the page and manually re-adding the people to the people web parts?
We had this same issue and found that it is the Azure sync to the SharePoint User Profiles. When I dug a little deeper, I found that the User Profile Sync in SharePoint does not run on a regular basis or schedule like you could do with the on-premise version. Apparently it only runs when they have enough updates?
When complaints > 20 { run } Thanks Carol for update. Yeah, the cloud is great in so many ways, but you can't stick your hands in the timer jobs and servers and run/tweak/fix stuff manually....
Did you pages get updated eventually? Its been 3 weeks here, still waiting on reply from MS Support. They were able to reproduce the issue, but trying to find out if there is a way to prompt the sync earlier than when scheduled...
We did not find a way to get them to show up earlier. Which is a bit of a problem for us since we send out a news article each week introducing new staff. We have noticed that with the profile pictures not showing up in Teams, we can clear users' Teams cache files on their PC and it fixes the issue, but the SharePoint sync is really hit and miss. Would be nice if we could force a sync.
We are having the same problem (EDU tenant / Netherlands). We are currently 2 months in with a support ticket with Microsoft. Already sent several Fiddler logs and this problem is beeing investigated by the engineering team. Will keep you posted.
Almost all of our users (1500+) have received a new job title and we see no change on several pages featuring people webparts. When we remove and add people in the webpart the new information appears. Also the new job title apears when you hoover over the current people webparts. Its purely the webpart that isn't updating..
Of all the big pushes that Microsoft makes, you'd think this would be some of the low hanging fruit. It truly is disappointing to see Microsoft once again fail to finish the last 10% of a project.
Same issue found by two different clients of mine this week. Any updates?

All - I had a case into Microsoft over the past few weeks which they have confirmed back to me that titles not updating in the People Profiles web part is a known issue. They state it is something they are working on fixing, but there is no ETA at this time. Could be around for quite a while.

The only workaround is to just edit the web part and then delete and re-add the user(s) that need title to reflect correctly.

Hey Patrick, do you mind sharing your case number with me? I have a case in with Microsoft and saw this and mentioned this to my tech and they would like to know the case number. I'm assuming to link them? Thanks!