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Hello everyone,


I have a question/issue regarding the item level permission in a sharepoint list.


So my team and I was exploring the Item Level Permission settings for our list and have set it to "Read All Items" and "Create items and edit items that were created by the user". When we revert it back to the default settings (Create and edit all items), users with Edit and Contribute permission access is still unable to see all the items in the list and was only seeing items created by them. The list have unique permissions and I've deleted the inherited permissions from the parent to only giving access per user.


Users was only able to see the whole list if given the Design or Full Control access, which was not the best case for us. 


Is there something I missed? Any help will be appreciated!


Thank you

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@naufal-Putra Can you check the permissions for items which are not shown to other users (use admin user account to check this)?


  1. Select list item and click on ellipses (...)
  2. Select "Manage access"
  3. From Manage access page, click on "Advanced" link at the right bottom corner
  4. It will take you to the advanced permissions settings page for that particular list item
  5. You can check the user permissions by selecting "Check Permissions" option under "PERMISSIONS" tab: ganeshsanap_0-1665732541091.png

If user is having contribute or higher permissions on list item, they should see and edit that item. If they don't have permissions, you have to grant permissions.

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