IT-Service Catalog based on SharePoint

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we want to build an IT service catalog based on SharePoint 365.
Does anyone have experience or a tip for us?

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@CharlyOli-1982 don't just think of using SharePoint on its own, particularly as it's not the best as a front end for users. For the front end we use either Microsoft Forms (for IT support requests, software requests, reporting incidents etc) or Power Apps if a more complex form is required with, for example, cascading dropdowns, calculations or for looking up data from a SharePoint list. In my company SharePoint is always used as the backend to store the data. We link up the front end and backend with flows in Power Automate that saves the request to SharePoint, sends confirmation emails  to the submitter and relevant IT team and more.


So my tip is to make use of all the apps available to you in M365.


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Thank you for your answer.


Is there anyone here who can build me something like this?

3 tables:
- Department
- business services
- Technical Building Block


We want to display this information in a tree view.

In the first view you can filter by business service.
In the 2nd view you can see the Technical information.


IT-Service Cataloge-Image.jpg


you whould help me. Attation: Based on SharePoint Online (365) !


Thank you very much :) Merry Christmas


Best thing would be if you did it yourself!, Were here to teach and help, Not doing stuff on order :) This 100% possible using, I think the easiest way for you to do this is with PowerApps + SharePoint list that contains the information. You probably also do this using View Formatting Json.

Else you might get lucky and find a sample of something similar here...