Issues with syncing SPO libraries to Apple laptops

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I am working with an organisation that has found syncing issues from largish SPO libraries (50K items or more) to (current) Apple laptops. They don't have the same issues with Windows machines. 

Most of the issues appear to relate to 'bad' or incomplete syncs, where the only answer has been to remove the synced library and then re-sync. I've suggested various options, including making sure the documents have synced before closing down but many users have started going back to DropBox as it 'doesn't have these issues'. 

Does anyone have any direct or anecdotal feedback on syncing issues with Apples instead of Windows devices? 

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@Andrew Warland 


Syncing to Apples laptops (finder), from OneDrive has its issues sometimes. I would recommend to try to expand the area of documents, spread the content into different folders or even team sites/channels.

I am currently trying to adapt my customers to only sync necessary folders and to separate them into categories.

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Aref Halmstrand