Issues with Browser Back Button in SP Document Sets

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We have noticed on all our SP sites that if users go into a SP Document Set and try and use the browser back button, they have to press it twice

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We have the same issue in our SP environment. All users currently need to hit the back button twice in their browser (the path bar works for navigation just fine). I spoke to a Microsoft rep this week, and they were able to replicate the issue, but I was told that's the expected behavior.

I'm not sure about you, Jen, but this seems like this started only a month or two ago. The navigation bar is fine as a workaround, but my users would love a permanent fix!

@JaceCurran I did another session with Microsoft to troubleshoot this issue.  They were able to replicate the issue and it is affecting all users across all tenants.  They did say, it is a bug and not normal behavior.   It is on their list to be fix, but have no ETA. 

Hopefully it will start working correctly sooner then later.