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I am currently having issues in which I am trying to give access to some colleagues to a Sharepoint site but even though they have permission and I can clearly see them in the group they can't access the site. 


Issue seems to be linked to teams as well since I can't add them to teams. 


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What error message do they get when they try accessing the content?
Kindly confirm If there is a broken inheritance from the homepage of the site
Is the user a guest/eternal user or internal to your organization
Is this the first time the user is accessing any SharePoint resource in your environment?
Please provide screenshot





she is internal to our org. and it just tells her to request access again as if I hadn't just approved it a couple of times already. In fact when I go into checking the sharepoint advanced permission site I can see her name and all. 


She has already been in this group before but she had a break on her contract so she stopped working for 2 months. 


She is done with her shift so I can't get any screenshot but it's the normal screen where you can request access to it. 


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Okay, Andrei,

The issue was with the break she had in-between, there might have been a change in her UPN, GUID mismatch done by the AD team, in recreating her profile.

This is what you are going to do.
Navigate to the site again >> Permission >> the group she belongs >> on the URL change the last numbering digits to 0 and enter.

After doing this, remove her from that site

Next, check permission and ensure that she doesn't have permission on that site anymore.

After confirming that, send her a fresh invite to the site.

I hope she doesn't have any issues with other sites ?
If she does, then you might need to remove her also from user profiles from SharePoint admin center >> active users and delete that profile.

After doing this, ask her to accept the invite or access the site using an incognito browser.

Let me know if this is helpful.