Issues accessing files in Doc Lib webpart via mobile app

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Afternoon all, I'm hoping someone here can help out.


A number of users of our SharePoint Intranet have been having difficulties accessing documents which are stored in a document library and displayed on a page with the Document Library web part.


I've done my own testing and I'm finding that when I try to access the page via the mobile app, clicking a document gives me a "The file couldn't be downloaded" message and says to check the connection and try again. Clicking on a sub folder in the same library gives me "Failed to open item. We could not open the web link".


If I select "See all", the document library opens (within the app still), and I get access to the files/sub-folders just fine.


If I open the intranet in a mobile browser (either Chrome or Samsung Internet) then it works the page as normal, click the link in the web part, and the file downloads.


Opening the site/page in a desktop browser behaves as expected's just the files/folders being clicked via the web part from within the Sharepoint mobile app from what I can tell.



Has anyone else found this behaviour? Is there a bug in the app? Or have I just missed a setting somewhere?


It's not a big thing to have to click "See all", but we have a large user base, and therefore a large range of user abilities...they should just be able to click the first link they find without having to load the list separately.


Any assistance would be appreciated....





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