Issue with Sync button missing in Modern Document Library.

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So recently the sync button disappeared for some of our document libraries when in modern layout. 

In classic they are still there and the sync works.  It seems to be only for publishing sites.  Anyone ideas?

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Do you mean that it has only disappeared in some document libraries with the modern UI? By the way, this is totally unexpected and the sync button should be displayed no matter if you are in the classic UI or in the modern one.

Yes.  The modern UI.  It just happened.  Classic UI shows the sync button and works as expected.  Modern UI doesn't even show the sync button.  Now its only on certain site collections.  Looks to be only the publishing ones.  Team sites look to be ok. 

You know, these unexpected bugs can happen...adding @Lincoln DeMaris

Figured I could include some screenshots. 



Classic UI


Modern UI

Hi Jonathon.

Out of curiosity, what do you have in the "three dots" menu?

Alert Me and Manage my Alerts. 


Seems to be something buggy in your tenant...time to open a ticket

Exact same issue on our & customers tenant.

Same here, very annoying

Is the Offline Client Availability set to Yes for these sites?  If you set it to No it will hide the sync button. 

offline (1).png

Is set to YES.

The sync button has suddenly disappeared (I think last Sunday).


Returning to classic Sharepoint solves the problem for now.

We are experiencing the exact same issue...

Yeah, right now experiencing the very same issue
We have the same issue.

Add me to the list of puzzled and frustrated customers! At least Classic UI is a fallback option for now, but frustratingly the new UI sync button disappeared just as I was explaining SharePoint Online (and the new UI) to a customer for whom sync is an essential part of their solution!


I raised it in Microsoft Community, so also following:

We're experiencing the same issue with some users.
Nightmare, happening for my clients too! Please resolve ASAP.

Same here.
A lot of claims from my clients.


Please, anyone have any update about this?