Issue with email Digest order

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I am having an issue when selecting the order of a digest being sent out. I am able to select the order but when the digest email is received it is displayed by the order of the latest published. It appears to be ignoring the order set. Is anyone else having that issue as well?

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Being able to re-order news posts before sending the digest out is something that used to work for us but stopped working since last week. 


On the screen, looks like we can re-order the news posts. However, those changes are not being reflected on the page that are being created in aspx page in site contents > site pages folder for the digest thus the digest that are sent out has incorrect ordering of news posts. 


Any changes that were introduced recently to SharePoint Online might have caused this issue with send as digest feature? We use this on our sites that were created using Communications template.




@Sarah_Chun I have the same problem. Have you figured out why it's doing that?



Personally it works for me, but one of my colleagues has the same issue.

Have you logged a case with Microsoft already about this issue perhaps?

@ChristiaanvdMeer - I've re-tested and can confirm it is now working for me. I have not logged a case directly with microsoft.

@HalFisher Thanks for getting back, did you change anything to get it to work, or did it just start working again?

@ChristiaanvdMeer I am not aware of any changes that were made. It just started working again.