Issue with Column Default Value Settings

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We are having an issue with Column Default Values in our Document Library.

The Document Library is in a Modern Team Site within SharePoint Online. Also we are using 2 different content types in our library. One folder and one document content type.


We can set the default values for folders within the library settings, however when we upload a document to the folder it does not apply the values to the columns.


Have tried multiple file types, column types and libraries.

Any help would be extremely grateful :)


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Is that column with the default values applied to the Document content type?

@Chris WebbHi Chris. I have not turned on the Metadata and Navigation filtering feature in this instance so have not applied column default values at a content type level. I have tried this previously but it still did not work. 

Currently the document content type is the default content type for the library.

Should I enable the Metadata and Navigation filtering feature again and troubleshoot again from there?




You shouldn’t need that feature. Can you screenshot your library settings column section? And or above that as well. Is there a content type section In library settings?

Where are you setting folder content type and or the default on the column?

@Chris Webb 

Please find below a screenshot of my library settings which shows the 2 content types and also the columns.




The following screenshot shows me assigning the default values in the library settings.




However whenever i drop a document into the folder within the library, the columns are not populated



I really appreciate your help with this.




Which. Column in the list has default value set and expected to populate?

@Chris WebbAll of the ones highlighted yellow. The values are set to be different values at a folder level. each folders values will be specific and entered individually



Yeah content types don’t work Quite like that. What you are looking for is either a power automate flow to handle that tagging or I believe there is a content processor or something like that that can have rules setup for metadata. I’m out bowling right now so if I get a min when I get home to look that up I will!

Ok thanks Chris. I appreciate your time.

If not no worries though, I can find another way to achieve the same result I'm sure

@Chris Webb 

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I think what you are looking at doing might involved using Document Sets. You can basically set the "Shared Columns" option on a document set, that will share the metadata of the Document Set itself (Folder metadata essentially) that will pass on or be shared to the documents inside the document set.

Tons of video's on Youtube as well.

Might check that out see if it helps!

Thanks Chris@Chris Webb 

@nmitchell20 Did you ever resolve this?  We do this every day and update many columns for each document that is added to a folder. I also noticed that your sources for the default value are all over the place and when I look at my settings, they are all sourced to the document library. How did you set up your default values?  Did you use a term set or set them up in library settings via the default column value menu? 



@Rippy79 I ended up using document sets for this as I couldn't get it working with folders. 

It used to, i used to do it all the time @Chris Webb 

Column Default Value Settings based on Location in SharePoint - SharePoint Diary and apparently still does, or at least supposed to.