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I have a Team site with our customers. I want to have them as members of the 365 group due to the distrubution list benefit.

The problem is that we can not allow that they can see information about each others email, phone and so on.

I know it´s possible to turn off so that they can´t see that but then we loose the benefit of using the people webpart for our staff aswell.

We are not allowed to use third party plugins so thats not an option.

Im starting to think that I have to create another Team site just to get a o365 group but not allow them access to that one, and then use that group for the customer page members.

Any other suggestions?

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@36048419, Hi Anders,

If you have permission to set up a new o365 Group (go to your Outlook Web App - Contact Area - Groups - Create new Group), I guess you can also add your customers as Guests in a MS Teams-Team. There are several settings to have guest accounts working with you and your internal colleagues. I found a very useful checklist to realize this Teams / Group settings, link is here:

Additionally you can think about Security groups with your customers. This sec group is a very good idea to anomymize the details of each guest in there, but i am not so sure, if guests are allowed to be added in security groups. To think strategically I prefer to add my customers as Users in the very cheapest licence (MS365 Business Basic) and then they can do their stuff with you, neetless. With users you can then add the mail and telephone details and add them to a security group in your o365 tenant. And THEN add your new sec group (the customers) into your internal o365 group. Only a vision,... Greets, Eva. 

@Eva Vogel 


Thank you very much for your reply. I think I get what you mean. The real issue here is that I´m fighting against the university where I´m working and the IT department which think to believe that everyone have the same needs, well we have special needs. They are not very helpful in this kind of solutions.


I think my best chance here is to create a second o365 group and then add all the customers as guests. Then I think I can create a flow that goes through the visitors everynight and adds them to the second o365 group.


I´m not sure if I can list the members from a Sharepoint security group in flow but I believe so.

The big issue here is to see if IT let´s me into the Azure AD or not.


Thanks again

@36048419 Dear Anders,

Perhaps your IT department is in migration of the classic sites into the modern SharePoint layout? Maybe they are also struggling with different needs from different departments within your institution, but not saying it out loud ;)... I have my experiences with different kinds of IT Admins. If you can explain to them in a plain and respectful way and that you are a Power User to deal with Power Automate and SharePoint, maybe they are willing to give you the right permissions, so that they are vice versa not be bothered from your requests any more. Hope you dont mind. For instance mail them a screenshot on what flow you are working and what you need to get in permissions to fulfill your task. Sometimes it is more easy to say YES, when the solution is offered, then to say NO because there is no solution on their side.


Never give up! 


Kind regards,