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I am using Issue Tracker in Sharepoint for Incident Tracking, I would like to use the Graph App to display Ticket Status; How many Complete, In progress, etc. Unfortunately my issue tracker does not have a number field to allow this to happen.


Plus I'm not sure what kind of formula is needed to that it can, I've tried many things on the Net, but none bring me close to a finished product.


Thank you Much.

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@Kelvin_D Not sure which "Graph App" you are referring and what you are trying to do exactly.


But, all SharePoint has ID as a default number column in all lists. Maybe you can utilize this number column for your application.

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Hello @ganeshsanap ,


I was going to mention this previously but I actually considered the ID column but I use that could for the ticket number in my Power Automate Flow. I'll try in give a little more info to help you see where I am, where I've been and my troubles.


I want a finished product that shows a graph of all tickets "Status & Count" (New, In progress, Complete, etc.) the App I use seems to be a default app, meaning I didn't add it from the app store.


Quick Chart App.pngQuick Chart Setup.png















The finished product should look like this with the information mentioned above.



After much troubleshooting I found in order to get part of the way there I need to create a column that counts the values of another column, but creating a new Number column to show those values in a graph have been fruitless.



Here is what I have now, a "Status Count" column to count the items marked "Complete":

Status Count Column 1.png

Column Setup.png















This is the formula I found online I used: "=SUM(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Complete",Status)))"


This is the result I get from said column:

Status Count Complete.png














Another issue I am having is I don't want all tickets to show (Current View Below), I only want active tickets to be displayed (New, In progress).

Current View New or In progress.png



Unfortunately when I setup my Task view to only show active tickets, the "Status Count" column doesn't see the tickets that aren't displayed.


Show Items.png

If I could get the desired result without all tickets being visible (Counts Hidden Tasks), and displays all Task with there count in the graph, that would be golden.











I hope this helps, and Thank you Much!

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I'm not sure if it's possible with just using the out-of-the-box features. As you mentioned the totals will only apply to records that are within the list (not filtered out).

My suggestion would be to look at connecting to your list via Power BI and creating a chart there that you could then put into your page via the Power BI Webpart. You could then build other stats and provide the info in a Power BI dashboard. You should be able to fairly easily get a count of ALL records, then perform a calculation for the percentages of active tasks across all tasks.

Another option is to create a separate list that just contained info for the active tasks (to be used in your chart) and populate it using a scheduled Power Automate from info contained in your incidents list.

@Kelvin_D The charts web part is very simple and only works with number columns, not calculated columns. I would suggest doing this in Power Apps.


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I've actually seen examples of this on the web, but thought it was a bit over the top for what I was looking to do, apparently not.
I'll head down this path and keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you for your help!