Is there anyone looking at SharePoint's UserVoice?


I just looked at the SharePoint's UserVoice and saw no update from the Microsoft Team in 2020 to the top requests. Is there someone looking at these requests?


For example, was last updated in may 2019.


In the comments, a user added a link to the same issue handled by the Teams team this one was updated in february 2020.


Please, give some attention to SharePoint too. Teams is important but SP deserves some resources.


Community help a lot with all the PnP stuff but we need improvements in native features.


Adding a few person here to get attention:

@Vesa Juvonen @Mark Kashman @Jeff Teper 





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@Benoit Fournier , I think that uservoice has since been deprecated, so you'll probably have to repost your topic here.

@sd adm I have the same question, therefore I have raised this question as UserVoice is deprecated.


How can we escalate issues to second or third line support and at last to the SP development team? -...