Is there any way to update SharePoint library metadata without updating modified columns?

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I would like to make some housekeeping on some of our document libraries. Adding or changing a lot of metadata.


Of course I would like to do do this without changing modified and modified by columns. Otherwise we would have a mess with a bunch of old files surfacing as newly updated (simultaneously burying those who are actually new or updated).


As I understand this was possible on on-prem SharePoint using SystemUpdate, but also that this is not possible with SharePoint Online.


So, is there any way to achieve this? 

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I got no answers but would like to bring this up again - there must be some kind of workaround!?

I believe Microsoft have created a library maintenance disaster by making it impossible to update metadata without changing modified/modified by columns.

What can I do?

@Erik Wettergren 
Have a look at validateupdatelistitem (link)

We use this to change metadata in bulk (example). It allows for setting metadata and manipulating the modified field. Most likely you can also manipulate the modified by field.

// get modified and modified by for the existing SharePoint item
// generate a request to set the metadata and set the modified and modified by fields
// execute the request

Paul | SLIM Applications

Hi @Paul_HK_de_Jong and thanks for these links and suggetions.


However, it seems like at least validateupdatelistitem is for on-prem SharePoint only. I need this for Online.



we use it for SharePoint Online all the time. Works like a charm.
Onyl drawback is that if you set 10 fields and 1 fails then all fields fall. Make sure the error handling is present.
OK, then I will definitely give this a try - thanks for the tips