Is there any possibility MSFT will ever fix the Delete / Rename issue?

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We often have seemingly reasonable circumstances where a user should be permitted to rename or move files within a directory or folder while not permitting them to permanently delete items. I don't have a specific understanding, but I gather that MSFT sees Renaming or Moving a file the same as Deleting a file. 


This causes our company a lot of confusion and makes our jobs more difficult by always having to explain that this is the case and having to dig into the permissions to make adjustments on a per user case.    


Some guidance regarding this would be appreciated so we can more thoroughly educate our users. Still, ideally, we should be able to permit users to do things other systems reasonably permit them to do. Is there some permission setting or workaround or magical Entra ID role we can assign to permit users to rename a file without giving them permission to permanently delete it? Or am I totally misunderstanding these permissions?   


Additionally, where can I find guidance on Manage Access > Can Edit? Evidently "Make any changes" does not include permission to rename or delete files. The verbiage around all this is very confusing.  


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