Is there any option to create search results page in modern team site?

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Modern search is really not helpful. It is not showing refiners from site columns even after i mapped them to managed properties. In my scenario, i am using managed metadata columns and attaching to library. When I search for any item, it is not showing any refiners for managed metadata site column.

Is there any way that I can create a new webpart page and add search web parts into it then map this page to search results?

When I try to add search web parts in modern site (with classic page) search web parts are not available to add. But If I create site page in classic team site I am able to see the search web parts. In my modern team site I have enabled "SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features" and "SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features".

Is there any other thing that i have missed here to see the search web parts in modern team sites?

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Hi @Mihir Yelamanchili at the moment the only "modern" search experience is that of the O365 search. For the most part this works quite well, however I too still find a use for the custom refiners etc that I was able to use with the Enterprise Search Centre.


The only strand within the O365 roadmap is feature 32738 which refers to:


"Customize search results with your content, bring the best of your organizational content and personalized search together. Extend the search box: Add what’s important to your organization with custom sources from a SharePoint list Extensibility of search pages: Leverage SPFX and its dev chain Customize search suggestions Add new verticals for high value entities Use adaptive cards to display new entities"


Hopefully that will be the modern replacement for the search centre!

Thanks @Matt Weston

Client dont understand about this new implementations since they are not technical people. they want refiners at any cost. What I can do about this? 

Is there a way to plugin the custom search page to modern site? 

As Matt has adviced, if you require to customize search then you have to go to a classic search experience...we don't have an ETA for the customization of the new search experience

How to go to classic search from modern interface?

I can only think on adding a link in the site's certainly not what the customer can be looking for, but I don't think we can have any other alternatives
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That's exactly how we're doing it at the moment, just have a Search Centre which we link to either from the global nav, current nav or from a link on the page. It's obviously not the nicest solution as we're forcing a switch between modern and classic experiences, but if we need that type of search experience there's not much we can do.


At the moment it's an exercise in instructing the client to use the new modern O365 search experience, which I personally really like, or an exercise in managing the customer's expectation with regards to the experience switch.

Any way to show a searchbox from a modern team site home page? Or building a custom SPFx webpart is the only option?

Any way to show a searchbox from a modern team site home page? Or building a custom SPFx webpart is the only option?

@Matt Weston 




I've switched from Modern to Classic pages, but I still can't get an Advanced Search - see image below


Do I have to change something in Admin Centre?


Thanks for your help!



ClassicSP Search.PNG


I'm having a similar challenge. We just installed a SharePoint 2019 Standard On Prem configuration and the default search at the top isn't using the search center it's using an ugly search result page by default. I created a search center and it looks great and provides better search relevance but I can't for the life of me get that search center to be the default search at the top in my nav bar.

I'm thinking it comes down to the modern experience being so restrictive. Given that I cannot modify the master page or enable server publishing feature on modern pages. I would hate to have to add a link in the nav to the search center and have that inferior search sitting there. Any idea on how to replace that top search with the search center?

@Tim_C I have read somewhere that Microsoft is going to roll out modern search results template in Feb 2019. 

This is almost 2 years old, but you would need to create a new search site, export the advanced search web part, THEN import it into your site.