Is there a way to have a webpart "templates" in multiple pages?

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there is many pages in my SPO that I want to have a very same Quick links webpart with same links in multiple pages and to have a ability to change these links later (so it change automatically in every page where I ember that webpart).


Is there a way to have such functionality?

*P.S. I know about Page templates, but this is not working as I need to have ability to change links later.


Thank you!

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No with the Quick Links WebPart provided, by achievable with a custom Quick Links WebPart imho

@RytisKN Have you tried to design a page as template, then save it and then copy the page, rename it. You then can change the link in the later stage? 

Yes, I did that.

What I need is that changes made in template would be visible in all pages that used such template and was created from the template previously.

@RytisKN  thanks for elaborating that. So you want the change to repopulate in all the pages that are using the same template.  I have never tried that so I'm not quite sure if that is possible. That would be so cool if this feature is available though. 

Best of luck 



From what I see, at the moment it is impossible with default tools. There is few workarounds (like creating a custom webpart or trying to embed aspx files), which is not suitable for my case.

Though, I am in hope about these features will be available sometime in near future :)