Is there a way on a SharePoint site I can get users to select something to act as an "I agree" box

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Imagine (if you will) a SharePoint webpage that has a text webpart listing the "conditions of use" of a service.

IS there anyway to have something at the bottom of the webpage that prompts the user to do something if they agree to the conditions, (such as tick a box or press this "button/link" that can be recorded in some way. 


Currently we user PowerApps webpart below the text webpart. It works, but needs users to "allow" the powerapps webpart. Its okay but I was wondering if there is a better way

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@MrJohnson1905 There is no SharePoint out of the box way to achieve your requirements.


You are already using quickest way to automate the process - using power apps web part.


Else, you can create a custom web part using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) for this. This requires development experience.

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