Is there a relationship between activity in MS Teams and the list of Sharepoint sites I'm 'following

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Does anybody know if actions we take within Teams and Channels can affect the list of Sharepoint sites we're deemed to be following? Sharepoint shows that I'm following 51 sites, none of which I've actively chosen to follow in Sharepoint. They're all based on teams or channels (we don't use Sharepoint in its own right, only as the back end to Teams). 

If I create a new channel within a team, or I rename an existing channel, would that 'trigger' a follow within Sharepoint? If I move a file from one Team or channel, would that trigger a follow? 

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You automatically follow sites you create, so yes. I don't think moving files will do the same thing.
If I remember correctly. If you visit a group connected site. Which a site connect to a team is. You automatically follow that site. Now. Opening a files tab in teams renders the file view from the SharePoint page so that might be triggering the follows but I’m not 100% sure been awhile since I messed with it but I think that’s how it worked.

@Chris Webb @LynnProspect,


As per my observation, opening the Files tab in Microsoft Teams or moving file from one site to another site will not trigger follow site action automatically.


However, if you create a new team or private channel (which creates the SharePoint site in back end automatically) yourself, you would automatically follow that particular SharePoint site.

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