Is the image gallery webpart on modern pages really this...basic?

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So I added the Image Gallery Webpart to a modern site, selected the option to "dynamically" display images from a document library caps out at 30 images. We had a company get-together and have several houndred photos we want to display for our co-workers. Is this for real? At least I would have expected to find a button "...more" or something.

Actually, for a big company like Microsoft, I would at least expect an option like an infinity scroll that lazy loads images and lets you sift through your gallery. 

But the webpart just plainly refuses to display more than the first 30 images in the library. Nothing dynamic about it and I can't even access the other images this way so it's actually inferior to just inserting a link to the document library.


As you might guess I am rather frustrated at the moment as I am looking for an easy out of the box solution for this problem. Sure I could code something myself but why do I even bother with SharePoint if even the simplest of things require intervention and a custom solution?


So, bottom line:

Does anybody know of a workaround or a solution? I also seriously consider that I might be blind and just didn't see the option, because I still can't believe it was shipped this way...




have a nice evening and alle the best.



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There seriously has been no response to this? I can't even see the dynamic option. Does it even exist anymore?