Is Subsite really necessary in Sharepoint Online?

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well!


Perhaps it is not a technical doubt but rather a need or concept.


What is the need for "subsites" in Sharepoint Online today? I ask this because thinking about the natural ways of creating and using websites, it is not necessary.


But trying to be a person of good will, the user still wanting to have a Subsite, I, as the Environment Administrator, cannot list this "site" nor can I observe where it uses the space in question. Then? Where does it consume space? But before that, really, what is the use of a subsite? And how do you then list those that exist in the environment, use, volume, etc.


It may seem like endless nonsense and I apologize for the inconvenience with something that may seem so trivial, but it has taken away my peace of mind in the last few hours thinking about it.


Thank you very much for your attention
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@tcboeira In the modern SharePoint online experience, subsites aren't recommended by Microsoft.


Here is the Microsoft official documentation you can refer for more information: Introduction to SharePoint information architecture - Guiding principle: the world is flat 


If you are a site collection administrator on the "site" (site collection), you can check the subsite storage by navigation to Site Settings --> Storage Metrics.


Generally, URL is in this format:

Related Documentation: Manage site storage limits in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 


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