Is Sharepoint a good fit?

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I´m new to Sharepoint and trying to understand if Sharepoint is the right choice for me or if I instead should use Power Apps portals or even a custom homepage.


My use case is that I need a way to manage projects with both internal and external users. Below functionality needs to be there:


  • publish the information about the progress to the clients in the project,
  • share documents
  • and also a simple case management functionality that should by synced with Dynamics 365 customer service.
  • External users shall be able to signup by themself or at least be able to request for a login.

I prefer to avoid Power Apps portals due to the high cost.


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Welcome to the forums.


The thing when assessing the product is that the clue is in the name, its designed and has always been about collaboration.  If you're using the online version via O365, which allows external access than I'd say it's a good fit.


However, like any tool, it comes down to how you use it.  You can use SharePoint features like site, document libraries, permission management, hub-sites and all that to create a structure that works.  This is what you need to bring to the table, a design or a vision that you feel happy to manage or administrate.  


It might be advisable to flesh out your requirements a bit more but in a product agnostic fashion and then the community here can help you more specifically about how that might work with SharePoint.


Hope that helps