Is My Sharepoint Formula Too Long?

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I am a trying to enter a formula for a calculated column and I think it is structured correctly but I keep on getting an error message. It is a long formula. Is it possible that it is too long? Does Sharepoint have a limit for formula length?


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@ae71181 you've not said how long your formula is but you are likely to hit problems if it is more than 1024 characters. You could probably overcome this by using a calculation in Power Apps.


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@RobElliott Thank you. My formula is over 1024 characters so that's probably it.


I am doing this for my work and I don't think they have Power Apps so I don't think I can use that.


Can you look at my formula and suggest how I can shorten it?


Basically I am trying to create a column that pulls a value from a 5x5 matrix based on inputs from 2 other columns. The 2 other columns (Likelihood2 and Consequence2) point to the location in the matrix.


The matrix is as follows

[11 16 20 23 25]

[7 12 17 21 24]

[4 8 13 18 22]

[2 5 9 14 19]

[1 3 6 10 15]


I have attached my formula.

Thank you.