Is it possible to use vlookup in spo ?


Good morning
I have 2 SPO lists in the same site.

The first list is called lamine, which contains several columns. I would like the AME TC column to feed on the values contained in the Class column. The Class colum is my lookup Value.

In this exemple i'm looking for the value 02 in the classe colum.




I have another list called lamine table 2 which contains column.It' s my table array.

The dataset are the colmuns Classe and AME TC.



And the value I want to display in the lamine table is AME TC lamine table 2


The vlookup syntax works very well in excel.

how do I do this in spo ?




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If I'm not mistaken, you cannot do this with SPO Columns
I was afraid of that answer.
I'll see with the Poweruser community if I can do that with Powerapps.

Thank you so much