Is it possible to place one list multiple times on one Sharepoint page with different List Views?

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please accept my apology for beginner's question (and excuse my English). I suppose the solution would be trivial, but I can't see it. 

I'm trying to configure Sharepoint 365, Modern Style. I have created a list, I have defined additional columns in it, and created some test list items.
Now I would like to reinsert this list into the created page, which is not a problem (the list is displayed identically and repeatedly). What I can't do, however, is use a different List View in each list web part.

Specifically, I created a List View that only displays filtered items based on the contents of a particular column. Unfortunately, I can't save the page this way. It is of course possible to manually select the List View used on the page in each section of the list view, but I would need to have this automatically displayed when the page loads.

In short, I need to have one list multiple times on one page, with different List Views.
Is this possible? Thank you for the help!

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@JanSpacil yes this is definitely possible. In the image below I have 2 views of the same list with the filter of one set to CommsType column is equal to Bulletins and the filter on the other view set to CommsType column is equal to Recordings:




After you add the web parts to your page, click the pen icon to open the list web part editor panel and select the relevant view.

1List2ViewsPanel (1).png



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Hello @RobElliott, you are the best, thank you!
It's so simple if you know how to do that, I completely missed this option. Now it works, thanks again!!