Is it possible to export the result of a search from a sharepoint list to excel

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If I perform a search on a sharepoint list using the sharepoint site's top search bar, how can I export the results to Excel or CSV?


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Hello @FGomesDSI 


there is no OOTB way to export the search results.


You can use PowerShell to export search results into a csv, here are one article, you can search for more:


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OOTB this is not possible. We have therefore extended the search bar functionality with sort and filters and also included an export to CSV option. Example
The custom search bar uses search rest api and the exported CSV contains the name, full URL and modified date. Which fields do you need?
Who is going to use the functionality? end-users or administrators or ...
If only administrators need it then PowerShell is also a pragmatic option.

We would like our end-users to be able to perform a search for items from a sharepoint list and print those results. The columns would be the ones defined in the standard view. But we are looking for a free solution from Microsoft or some other company or sharepoint guru who wants to share their solution for free and get a big big thank you.