Is it possible to determine who's following a SP site

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Is ther an option OOB to determine who's following a SP site?

If not, are there any 3rd party tools who include that in their analytics?

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Hi Eric,


Is this for an on-prem 2013 setup?


Also are you looking for a one off report for a single user or a complete report on the farm on which user is following which site?




Hi Jasjit, tx for your response , it's for SPOL.
It's a one off report (at this time) for a single site.
It would be interesting to have a full view: which users following which sites.

There is no easy way to get this info.


The closest I could find something that could help you out here was this blog:


Hope this helps !

Hi Jasjit, tx for your valuable feedback. We'll investigate it further.
In SharePoint Online this seems not to emerge somewhere unless in My Profile, which seems to be replaced by Delve. Currently Delve does not expose this info but there was a request about it in User Voice ( However, as far as custom development goes, you can check the social.following namespace from the CSOM or rest (
Tx Kiril for sharing the info.
Hi Eric, Hi Jasjit

Any news regarding this question ?
I am trying to identify which personn of my company has followed the SP website...
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