Is it possible to create List View for Current Manager in SharePoint

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Is it possible to create a list view that only the assigned user can see and also their manager can see?

for example: 


Does anyone know who to do this?





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Hello @Dynamicshs 


manager is an dynamic value, that's not possible in a list view. But i think you have two other solutions to proof for that:

1. Power Automate Flow set permisson

- Set the permissions on list items with a flow. On change or save you can set permission for the user and the manager. only people with access see the items. 


2. Search 

- With PnP Modern Search WebParts you can build queries with dynamic user profile information. Maybe you can build a query around the user and manager.


Only 2 ideas, but both are not proofed.


Regards, Dave

Hi @David Mehr,


Thanks for the reply. 


I'm a little confused on how I would set this up on power automate? 




Hello @Dynamicshs 


oh sorry i'm not a power automate specialist. Here is en example, how you can set permissions:


And here an example, how you get the manager from a user:


Regards, Dave