Is it possible to create a job description inventory on sharepoint?

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Hello - I'm trying to create an inventory of our company's job descriptions and employment agreements on Sharepoint. Is it possible to have a list with the following columns: employee name, title, its associated job description and employment agreement ( both attached as PDF/Word Doc.)?  

Would this be feasible in SharePoint? 

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@Faye-95  absolutely. One way is to have your list and also a document library to store the documents. In your list you have hyperlink columns that link to the documents in the library.


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Yes, its possible, we are curretnly building a Job descrition library within our organisation in Sharepoint using a document library and a list. The aim is then to use this as a basis for a Power App for Staff / Managers to use to search, add new job descriptions that can then go for approval using Power automate. Also for them to have build in review dates again using power automate and then either have the Jod descriptions updated through an approval process and updated or removed depending on what is needed.

Thank you! Will give it a try @RobElliott 

Thank you! I will try it out today.
You can attach files directly to your SharePoint list itself. It's limited to 200MB? If I recall, but for just a few documents you can easily utilize that built in feature for the documents on the list items itself. Wouldn't over complicate it, unless there is a specific reason to link them out to another location.

If you already have them stored somewhere that is accessibly then you could link to the "Single source of Truth" instead of duplicating the files, but you would have to make sure permissions allow the access from the list to the documents that are linked.

@RobElliott We have created a job description repository on sharepoint. I am trying to use power automate to automate the process such that if a job description in pdf is placed in the shared drive, the excel spread sheet in the shared drive populates some of the fixed fields and creates a hyperlink to the pdf document. is this possible with power automate?