Is it possible to create a dropdown menu in Sharepoint 365 in modern experience?

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In Sharepoint 365 Is there a way to create a menu that drops down upon hovering over it? When I create a new page I see that there is the choice of a Wiki Page, Web Part Page, and Site Page. I tried creating one using the Insert > Embed Code option in a Wiki page, but then I got this message:


"This HTML cannot be inserted because you don't have access to add scriptable Web Parts in this site. Please contact your administrator if you think you should have rights to do so."


Then I tried Format Text > Edit Source and it allowed me to modify the HTML but it stripped out all of my CSS styling. Why is that? I used to be able to insert a Content Editor in Sharepoint 2010. Is adding custom HTML/CSS an option in Sharepoint 365? If not, what are the alternatives for creating a basic dropdown navigation menu?

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We don't have a content editor replacement for SPO provided by Microsoft. However, there are SPFx WebParts (at least one to my knowledge) in Github that makes that job: