Is it possible to add synced folder from one Sharepoint Library to another

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Hello, I noticed that you are able to add a shortcut to your OneDrive directory from Sharepoint itself. Giving you a synced folder to that directory.


Our organization does not use this feature as we sync the entire Sharepoint library to OneDrive directly.


My question is, can this shortcut be added to different Sharepoint library, as opposed to a users Onedrive.


For example, I have an Excel Workbook A that needs to be accessed by the organization. It currently lives in "Sharepoint Library 1". The other half of our organization needs access to it, but they only have access to "Sharepoint Library 2". Ideally, I would like to have a shortcut folder that links to where "Excel Workbook A" is in such a fashion that if the user has "Sharepoint Library 2" synced, they could click into the shortcut folder and launch "Excel Workbook A" in the desktop version of excel using their File Explorer.


I have tried add a Link to Document, but that generates an APSX file that cannot be opened in the Team's File browser or in the File Explorer. This link can only be opened and browsed online. Which defeats the purpose.


If anyone knows if this is possible, or if there is another solution that will accomplish what I am looking for, I would be eternally grateful.


Thank you!

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