Is it possible to add page properties to site page tables?

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Hi, I have created a page template for users to create new customer information pages on the site. Once a new page is created the user can see a table, similar to the one below, in the first section that they have to fill in.

Customer Information

Client Name{ Enter the Client name here }
Company Name { Enter the Company name here }
Manager Name { Enter the Manager name here }


Is it possible to add page properties (page columns) to the right column of the table, so instead of entering the text, users can simply select the property value from the drop-down?

Page property.png

Users sometimes forget to go to the page details and select in the page property. 

Thank you!

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Hi @DnelsonSantogen ,


Scenario you explained is not possible with default text editor. You might need to create a web part for that functionality.


I would prefer using Page Properties and displaying those to end users. You can have choices and use managed metadata.

You could add a guidance text to your page template for instructing users to fill out page properties.


sharepoint page properties.png