Is Edit permission a must to add attachments



I would just like to confirm that a user should never be able to add attachments to a form , InfoPath form or in the out of the box form in SharePoint without having the edit permission?


There was a post I found on this from some years ago and that seems to be the case


Nothing has changed in SharePoint since then? , client is using latest SharePoint online.


I'm having a strange issue where users are seeing very strange behavior when adding attachments, sometimes they can add 1 but not 2 or 2 but not 3 etc , and they are in a permission group that does not have edit permission! just the add permission..

The activity is all done through an InfoPath form in SharePoint.


So I can only assume they must be in a group somewhere on the site that does have edit permission but that doesn't explain the erratic behavior, I thought it was all or nothing?



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