iPhone Access issues for non-company users

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Hi all, 


I've developed a basic SharePoint page for my organisation. For some background: we have a large number of casual employees, who are not issued with a company email. 


The casual employees are all added to a M365 group, and then I allow access to this group through SharePoint, so that they can access the page without a company email. 


This process works on PC, and even on our iPad Pro devices. However, I can't get it to work on iPhones (have tested on three separate devices from iPhone 8-XR so far). 


Logging in to the app is successful, but then nothing ever loads. Clicking outside of the infinitely loading 'Recent' tab presents an error that reads: 


"Something went wrong


Technical details: The operation couldn't be completed. (Almofire.AFError error 3.)" 


Would be very grateful if anyone could provide advice on this please :). 

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