iOS App - bugs and where to get support

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Could anyone point us in the right direction with regard to these issues. We have tried unsuccessfully to progress this via support


SharePoint Homesite Navigation Faulty in iOS App - We have found a bug on mobile iOS which is affecting our new Intranet built on SharePoint online. Our third-party developer say that the issue is an MS bug, and not the way that the site has been built. Its out of the box with no customisation. The hamburger menu is only intermittently navigating the user to the correct page URL. The problem ‘appears’ to be made worse when selecting the back arrow after landing on an URL and then trying to navigate to a new page from the hamburger menu. No issue on Desktop.
SharePoint Images Overlapping with Page Titles - We are finding an issue on the SharePoint iOS app where a page titles hiding underneath images on mobile. Appears to be somewhat of an intermittent issue or that the experience is different across devices. On iOS you can see from the images below that on some devices it works and on others it doesn’t.
SharePoint Personalisation not working - Audience targeting not working across desktop and mobile.
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What happens if you access the site using the Android App? What sounds strange to me is that the site has not customizations, but you have a SharePoint Developer telling you this problem is related to a Microsoft the way, Microsoft support is the only path I see here to get some help unless you have any kind of contract support with Microsoft itself

I have the exact same issue, erratic behaviour on IOS, not following menu links correctly. I have links setup to go to various folders in the document library, IOS sends them all to the root directory. Android SharePoint App and Windows browsers work absolutely fine, Firefox on IOS also works fine, the issue only occurs with the IOS SharePoint app @Juan Carlos González Martín