Invoke-SPOSiteSwap Question - Subsites?


My current root site has several subsites. If I do a site swap, will those subsites remain "attached" to the old site? E.g.

Or, will the remain at their current spot/URL?

E.g. ?


Thanks in advance. 


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@Courtney Prothero I have not tried the same neither any documentation available but I will assume the sub sites will go along with the root-site. If i will be in your place I will set up a dev SharePoint online environment will test it and then take the next steps. I will follow the thread to see the outcome.

@Vikram_Samal Thanks for answering. I will see about setting up a test environment. 

Quite probable the answer is No, but give a try and let us know your results
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I set up a test environment and gave it a try. Everyone's assumptions were correct - the subsites stay with the original site so their new URL becomes