Invoke-SiteSwap breaks File Viewer web parts

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Hey everyone,


We did a site swap of our root URL using Invoke-SiteSwap, and it worked perfectly. That is, until I was going through the site pages and realized that none of the File Viewer web parts were correctly implemented. I don't have a screenshot, but it said the file could have been temporarily moved/discarded/something like that. I checked and saw the File Viewer web part was looking at the old root URL path.


We had 1x .docx, 4x .mp4, and the rest .pdf files. The .docx and 1 of the .mp4 were fine, but the rest were broken links. Our SharePoint site is relatively small compared to other tenants, so I just manually fixed all the File Viewer web parts that we had. I also didn't wait too long because I got impatient.


Should I have given it more time before jumping the gun to fix it myself? Would the File Viewer web part have fixed itself after sometime? Did anyone else have this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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Interesting. I'm waiting to find out from MSFT to see if this new fancy swap procedure will screw up the term store.

Also interesting, many have viewed this post but no comments received from MSFT.

There you go. To me that tells a lot.

Hope you get your answer sometime this century. It's a valid question.

@Palpapull You will have to fix this yourself, unfortunately.  

@Carl_Williams "Also interesting, many have viewed this post but no comments received from MSFT.".. This is a public forum and isn't the support mechanism for Microsoft. Support questions should go directly to Microsoft Support. While some MSFT employees may peruse TechCommunity, this is not where support is handled.