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Hi there,

I have an inventory list for our first aid kit in SharePoint lists.

The list keeps track of:

- the items we have

- how many we have

- when to reorder them

- when they expire

- when they were last checked

- who checked them.


I am wanting to create a form or list for the incident reports which will include the incident that happened and what they used. I want to somehow CONNECT these so that we can see the history of these items.

For example:

For plasters we can see :

Joe used x2 plasters on 12/12/2012

Anne used x1 plaster on. 01/01/2013



I’m not sure how to go about this? Any ideas?


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@nc1999 this can be mostly automated and the way I would build this is, firstly, to use a form in Microsoft Forms for users to submit an incident report. That submission gets picked up by a flow in Power Automate that saves the details of the report into a separate incident reports list with the details of who used the items, when this happened, what they used and the quantity. That will effectively  provide you with an audit report of all the incidents recorded.


That same flow would update the stock list, reducing the items in stock by the number used.


A second flow would run automatically once a day and check each item in the stock list. If the number in stock for an item had reached the re-order level then send you an email to alert you to re-order the item.


What you couldn't automate is the periodic physical checks on the item or updating the stock levels  when new items are received.


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If you wanted to take the above solution further you could create flow to email your supplier automatically when an item is required (or once a week/month to reduce the number of orders) then when the order note is received you could use that to update the stock list