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We built an intranet now we need to connect it to an external website.  Usually this is done with an IFrame - however with SharePoint it is a SPF.  I am not familiar on how to do this.  I do have a web designer but they are not familiar with how to integrate the SharePoint site. 

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Hi @2020LadyGeek 

To connect your intranet to an external website using SharePoint, follow these simplified steps:

  1. Access your SharePoint site with administrative privileges.
  2. Edit the SharePoint page where you want to integrate the external website.
  3. Add the "Page Viewer Web Part" (SPF) to the page.
  4. Configure the web part by providing the URL of the external website.
  5. Save and publish the changes to the SharePoint page.
  6. Test the integration by viewing the SharePoint page with the embedded external website.

If you need further assistance, consult SharePoint documentation or seek help from SharePoint experts or developers familiar with your version.

@Lalit Mohan why do all your answers sound like they come from ChatGPT?



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Can you give us more detailed Explanation what you want to do?  Is the goal to display an external website on your site and what kind of page?  

Not quite what I am asking. But thanks for responding. I am going to develop the site in Power Pages - which has the capability of utilizing Iframe to integrate with a public facing website.

Thanks again.
@NicolasKheirallah - we have developed a site with list for information to be filtered, extracted, download or searched. We were trying to figure out how to make this available for the public that using our external website. Which is why I figure that using Power Pages would be best
So displaying SharePoint list items to a Power Page?

If so you need to use Virtual Tables in Dataverse, These can synchronize with a SharePoint list and display the content.