Internal linking not possible: We only support linking to files in your own organization.

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Since few days we got this error message if we try to add a link to a file or document on a sharepoint site: "We only support linking to files in your own organization."


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which option throw this error?

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@simuuh I have also had the same issue reported by our users. 


User was trying to link to a file in another site. 


I replicated the issue by added a sample page, with the page viewer on it, and tried to link to a document in the same site and also got the error. 


This has occurred for us too. We'd be keen to get an answer quickly.

@simonjkingHave you already opened a ticket at Microsoft? its not possible to create link to any file - not even in same site collection.

@simuuh@Melinda Grant 


Morning Team - I left this 24 hours (actually longer due to the weekend). 


We have premier support with Microsoft and have raised a ticket - Ticket #17095544. 

I will let you know the outcome. 

@simuuh @Melinda Grant 


Feedback is there has been multiple changes to this web part over the last two weeks.


The engineer is in touch with the product owner of this web part and we are waiting a response from this team. 


Watch this space!!! 

@simonjking @simuuh @Melinda Grant 


I got a feedback on twitter that this issue is also affecting the Image viewer Webpart. Hopefully they will fix it soon.



@simonjking thank you for the update.


@Jimmy Hang as we see it, no internal link can be created in any web part.

yeah same for me. Fix already needed 3 months ago. :)

@simuuh @Melinda Grant @Jimmy Hang @Sarnst 


Product Owner has provided the following feedback 

"This issue has been identified as a bug, and the product team is working on the fix now. I will monitor the progress and keep you all updated."


I have tested this issue against the following web parts and all are impacted. 

- Image

- File Viewer

- Image Gallery

Experiencing the same issue, any updates today?

Is there any public board where it is possible to follow this issue? There's no notice of it in our admin center regarding service health.

@NiclasDahl only way I think is to raise a support ticket in Office 365. I just created one #‎17146737‎, maybe MS will aknowledge this as a BUG if more of us report it in.

@NiclasDahl @Jimmy Hang 


I already have a ticket raised - they have identified this as a bug but have yet to provide a ETA for fix. They confirmed the fix will apply to the File Viewer, Image & Image Gallery web parts.


"Yes the bug info has included the image issue. Thanks for updating the information in the community.

The bug fix may take a little long time, and currently I haven’t got ETA for the fix."


I am going to put pressure on providing an ETA - as this is something that was working, a change has been made and now it is not working as intended. 



I have asked the following in my Ticket 


ETA for fix – Can this be provided – these were working web parts:

A change to SPO web parts has broken them – a little nervous that changes can be made to Office 365 that effectively break the functionality and then it could be days/weeks before it is fixed, what was the QA/Testing process involved – how did this bug get into production.


Could these answers be provided to provide assurance that steps have been taken to prevent these things from happening again e.g. improved QA/Testing process.





best response confirmed by simuuh (Brass Contributor)

Hello Everyone,


First, apologies for any inconveniences during this investigation. 


I believe we have identified the issue and applied a fix early today. 

If you are still seeing any issues with this functionality please let me know.






@Sam Larson I checked the "Quicklink" webpart with an Icon from an library and it works. thank you.


The next time, a message in "Service health" would be nice ...

@simuuh Thank you for confirming and I appreciate the feedback. We always try to report issues to our service health dashboard as quickly as possible , once again I apologize for the delay here. 

@Sam Larson 


I can also confirm web parts are working again - tested Image Viewer, Filer Viewer and Image Gallery. '


Excellent work, thank you @Sam Larson . 

Hello @Sam Larson,


I ran across this thread trying to troubleshoot the same issue.


We have been using Document Sets recently and found that if we try to link images and documents, stored in Document Sets, to these web parts, we still get the same error mentioned. Do you know if this scenario was considered while applying the fix?