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Our company has been looking for an internal IT ticketing solution or a help desk software much like this, built on SharePoint environment to manage both our internal IT ticketing and Customer support tickets. WE currently have a help desk software built on SharePoint with minimum functionalities, we built it on our own using the basic SharePoint out of the box web parts and some custom programs. But we are in the need of more functionalities, we need to be managing all these tickets without any issue or losing one in transition. Since we already have one on SharePoint, a solution built on SharePoint would a much better way for us to migrate without any hassles. 

One of the main feature we are looking for is something that can replace the manual ticket creation process and have automatic ticket creation in place, since manual ticket creation for a lot of incoming requests has the risks of data loss. Also automatic notifications to the team when a new ticket is created, so that the team can start working on it as soon as it comes in. And with notifications we can keep track of the tickets right, that way we can ensure the proper handling of a ticket. While we are looking for more features we do not want the solution impossible for our team to understand and work with, i mean who has the time to deal with a long time training process. And most importantly security, we know something about SharePoint permission levels, obviously these will be implemented in the solution we are looking for. And of course we are looking for a solution that assigns these tickets as tasks to users, obviously task management is also an expected feature.

With all the SharePoint tech experts here, i am sure one or two of you could be of my help. Please do share your insights. Thanks in advance!!

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@jamiemills22 Hello,

I would recommend doing following:

  • Create a Communication Site for "IT Help Desk"
    • Brand the site and include user-friendly content
    • Provide with FAQ to easily solve issues instead of creating tickets
    • Include video documentation for some of your more advanced challenges
    • Create a SharePoint List (with the help of the new Microsoft Lists)
    • Adjust the metadata and configure the list to match your needs for the Help Desk tickets.

When that is done, take a look at Power Platform. Start with Power Apps. There are some amazing templates for working with SharePoint Lists. Create two different applications, one that is available for mobile phones and another that is for larger screens (tablets or computers). These applications can be distributed to all your users in the organization, you have the possibility to choose people or groups to receive this application.

  • Distribute the mobile application to your users
  • Embed the large-scale application into your communication site so that users can see the Power App and create a ticket right on the communication site (not using the list interface).

When that is done, look at Microsoft Power Automate (AKA flow).
From the SharePoint List, create a automated task handler, so that changes in the list will be reflected in planner or the way you would like to handle them.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand