Installing Viva Connections



I'm trying to install Viva Connections with these instructions.
I've created a communication site and set it as the home site but I don't get the global navigation settings. What could cause this? Is there a way to enable global navigation with PowerShell?


I'm the owner of the site and a Global admin so it isn't a user rights issue.

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Maybe this is happening because Microsoft is delaying the rollout of SharePoint app bar and global navigation, as mentioned here.


Also, sometimes it takes few hours to show up the global navigation settings after setting up a home site


As per my knowledge, there are no PowerShell commands to enable the global navigation yet.


I will suggest you to create a support ticket with Microsoft to get the help quickly.


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You can enable Viva Connections without having Global Navigation. I did it a couple of weeks ago and it works as expected. Viva Connections in the end is just to view a SharePoint site in Teams as a native App...of course, if you have Global Navigation enabled, the App Bar, etc the user experience is optimal