Inserting OLE Object into SharePoint Synced Libraries Files

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We have a Sharepoint Library that we sync with Onedrive for Business. I have a word and an excel file in there, both synced to my local computer. I am using Office2016 client now, but came all the way from Office2010 within the E3 plan.


In this setup I try to insert the Word file into the excel file as an object. In the status bar I see "Downloading xyz.docx" and get the mousecursor set to "working on something". After a few minutes I get an Error stating "Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action".  This Message pops up again forever until I abort Excel in the task manager. If I reopen Excel I get "Object could not be inserted". If I now close Excel again I get the old login window to the cloud with the word2010 symbol. Only if I authorize here I can insert the word file into the excel file.


I think some old OLE component of word2010 is still active but needs seperate authentication.


Could someone that never used word2010 on his machine please give me a heads up if this is happining to you too? I dont want to do a complete machine reinstall just for this test.


And even though I post this here because I believe it to be an SharePoint authentitcation Problem, does someone know of any faq on how to remove the legacy OLE components after a complete uninstall of the old Office?



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