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You know how you can insert images as web parts in sharepoint? It would be amazing if Sharepoint borrows Powerpoint's amazing icon library.



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Yes. You can add an icon as an image - you just have to get the icon in an image format! For the icons that are available to use with Quick Links, start with this amazing site that allows you to find and export any of the fluid icons: Use the ability to export the icon in any color you want so that it matches the theme of your site. Then add the icon as an image in the image web part. You can do the same thing with the icons in PPT by adding one to a PowerPint page and saving it as a picture. It's multiple steps, but it can be done!
Thanks for that link! Those icons are great.
Hello Susan. Can I use these icons for my custom tile in my tenant office 365? It is only meant to be linked to the main sharepoint site. I'm looking for a similar sharepoint icon to replace the main sharepoint tile in related apps. I've read the license, but I'm still not sure.

@JJPPwhite I would think so,, especially if the site is internally facing, but that is more of a legal question than a technical one.


If you are trying to add "SharePoint" icon in SharePoint default quick links web part, you can use default icons pane.


Open SharePoint page in edit mode --> edit particular link in quick links web part --> Select Icon and then Change option: 

ganeshsanap_0-1700656832023.pngSearch for "SharePoint" in icons pane, click the icon you want and click Select


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Susan, ganeshsanap thanks for your answer and help. I will use ganeshsanap's solution, I didn't think it was that simple.

@Susan Hanley 

Thank you, that is very useful.  A related question, I recently learned how to insert icons into the left Nav using the Windows Key + ";".  However, there are only a limited set of icons there and they don't fit with our visual standards.  Is there a way to use custom icons in the left nav?

You can use any emoji character - selecting from either Windows key + . or at You can also use characters like arrows by selecting other options from the Windows key + . As far as I know, you cannot use custom icons.